Softball in 2020/the future, what will it look like?

Updated: Jul 8

Today May 8th 2020, roughly 8 weeks after the pandemic began and shelter in place steps were taken to prevent further spread of COVID19. Thankfully beginning May 11th some business will begin to take steps to reopen and begin post-pandemic life in America where there will for sure be a new “normal”. Of course life, economy and society overall need to be taken care of first and foremost but when the time is right, what about softball which we all share a passion for?

Here are a few questions I have that you might have as well, there are many others not listed that will need to be addressed before we can play again:

Will we have to wear masks when we play?

Allowed to exchange sportsmanship expressing post-game handshakes?

How many teams will be allowed to be at the fields/in a tournament in total?

Will teams be limited to a maximum amount of players on a team/in a dugout?

If a new ball is put into play, does it need to be disinfected first?

Will you need to be tested or provide negative test results in order to participate?

Will food handler permits be required to sell concessions, or even sell merchandise at all?

Some of these may seem extreme or too far, some may not seem far enough and I am not here to debate anyone’s personal comfort level, the overall point is to represent steps that could be/will be taken. As we all know, official sanctioning bodies are and will announce changes as they see fit, but what about just people like you and I who want to run tournaments? What changes will local municipalities make? Could be everything from new permits, limiting gathering sizes or even no longer allowing games/tournaments to be played at facilities ever again.

Will we be able to play again? Yes I think so, but I really do think that life especially sporting events including softball tournaments will look completely different as we move forward. Ideally, I and everyone else is being overly cautious and things will be as they were...but what if they are not?

What do you think will change? What should change if anything? Look forward to hearing from you all and even more seeing you again out there playing the game we all love, maybe even each enjoying a hot dog as we discuss this....with mustard only, of course

- Jake

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