Pickup players, good or bad for the game?

Updated: Jul 8

So there’s been a lot of conversation and questions sent to me lately about pickup players. Teams picking up a couple or more than half their “normal” team and playing tournaments under the original team name, then if/when they end up winning “it’s all because of their pickups“...

For me it is definitely something newer to the game for as often as it happens. Of course there have been times and instances in the past where here and there you grab one or a couple for a league night/weekend to fill out a lineup. But seems more today that it’s common place to see it, is that a bad thing? I don’t know if it really is, people nowadays with life/kids/jobs stuff comes up and softball is not as highly prioritized as it once was. Also participation is down across the game and not as many people are playing as 10-20 years ago.

Do I think a team using it’s regular name and always have 3-5 “normal“ players and always picking up the other 5-7...yeah, that’s odd. Do I think it’s stupid when a team has plenty of “normal” players there and sit them for subs...completely. If a couple teams combine because both are short and they use one of the teams names, not that big a deal to me and glad they still got out to play.

There‘s also way more conversation about loyalty and “asking permission” to play with another team besides your “regular team”...that to me is funny, if your regular team is not playing already anywhere of course go play with whoever/whereever you want. No one owns anyone, we all aren’t contractually obligated and most importantly if it bothers you that much especially when the player(s) has always shown loyalty when the chips are down...maybe you’re the problem.

There’s nothing wrong with picking up and playing, players love to play so let em and get over it, if you’re upset about losing to a team with pickups...sucks they know better players to ask than you did, maybe next time ask them yourself and you’d probably be surprised when they say yes to playing with you. Bottom line, as long as the roster conforms to rules laid out for eligibility...is what it is, play the game

Now getting into ratings, of course if you constantly pickup players and do not have a consistent roster I choose not to highly consider your team as compared to one that has a regular group of players that provide a season long body of work to truly judge objectively. Is that getting tougher for me and others who do them to navigate....yep, but hey it’s all for fun and conversation so relax. All it’s intended to do is give teams a shoutout for a solid season

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