My Bad...

Updated: Jul 8

Sometimes your hearts in the right place and before you know it your heads up your ass...

Am I a USSSA state director? No, but I thought I was and was mislead to believe I was, which in turn I also mislead you all to believe, please know I was and am as excited as some of you are to see USSSA return, so let's give the real people in charge a shot.

For the record I do not work for Kelly or MWUSSSA but I do want to see them grow USSSA again.

A couple of months ago I had someone reach out (who was not Kelly) to me who followed No Coast and see if I’d like to be a USSSA state director for Nebraska. I gave it some thought, I really did and still do think that there is an appetite and a need for another option here and think USSSA can be a great one so I agreed to give it a shot. So I get back in touch with who I think is supposed to be the right person to point me in the right direction and get me set up. Got set up online, authorizations, etc.

Best way to describe it, you ever been to NFM? It is was like if the guy that sold me a TV was actually in charge of furniture and not the TV’s. He works there or at least has a name tag on so I purchase with confidence, then you go through that alarm deal by the doors and all hell breaks loose, yeah it’s been exactly like that.

Turns out that there are actual and proper channels that need to be gone through, which reached out to me and got things pointed in the right direction. It really was and is a timing and informational mistake and for my part, Kelly again I apologize.

Are the people responsible for the state from the state? Nope but that’s how the system works and for that I respect the structure as it is in place currently. I had a long, great conversation with Kelly and she is truly passionate about growing USSSA here again. Besides some of you live in CB and work in Omaha or vice versa or travel to do your jobs so don’t throw that rock at the glass house too hard lol.

I have spoken my peace and offered them the lay of the land for softball here and how things have been and are when it comes to teams, players and umpires all alike as I see it. Please feel free to contact them and share your experiences good or bad and they should follow up with you too. There’s work to be done and they seem willing to do it as I and others who took initiative were trying to do as well.

Will they succeed or fuck it up? Time will tell but as unhappy as I personally am and know many of you are with the other option around here...I’ll give them a fair shot and help where and when I can like I always have. In fact they actually run and promote alot of the big events you head out of state to play in now and they really want to bring those here as well. We should keep asking questions and demanding transparency which so far, so good with me from them so I hope you all find that as well.

The Nebraska USSSA Slowpitch page I created was meant to be and still is meant to be used as an easy way to hopefully inform us all of USSSA in the area. Please feel free to use it as such and share as you see fit, hope it stays productive but it’s Facebook....I give it a month until we see one of those sunglasses for 90% off posts lol

To finish up on a personal note, to all of you who’ve supported me and feel confused or some trust in me is lost or even totally gone...that’s all that ever mattered to me and it hurts, but I did it to myself. Please know my intentions were and always are for the benefit of the game we all share a passion for. There wasn’t and isn’t any personal gain in this for me, leave it better than you found it was and is my only goal in all of this.

If that means you decide to part ways from me or the No Coast platform, I respect that and thank you, hope you enjoyed it while you did. Your forgiveness means more to me than the podcast, Twitter feed and especially a fucking Facebook page.

Humbly from me to whoever reads this, even if you have no idea what I’m talking about...

I’m sorry

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